Aware Digital does not honor a settlement!

In a case for unpaid wadges Aware Digital reached a settlement agreement with the Plaintiff.  They agreed to pay the attorney fees of the plaintiff, but as you can see from this filing, they refused to do so in court!  Look at all the attached emails between the plaintiffs attorney and the defense, as the plaintiffs attorney has to backpedal and stall.

It’s one thing to welch on an agreement, it’s another to do it in a court of law.  If they will not honor an agreement in a legal preceding, why would they in the normal course of business.  Be “a-wary” of working with Aware Digital and Josh Mann!


Does not pay their debts.pdf

Seperation Papers

Pro tip for anyone out there: If a company asks you to sign something after you resign, don’t do it unless you have it looked at by a labor attorney first!

They expected me to sign this!  You can see Sue’s name on it.  Email her and tell her shes a wannabe HR director!

Sign this or no pay!

Take a gander at this document, They required this to be signed or you would not get paid.  This was each pay period and needed to be resigned each time.

If you ever work for a company that tries this, run away quick!  There are many things a company can do to mess with it’s employees, but messing with pay is not one.  This was typical Aware Digital fashion!