I was employed briefly by Aware Digital and started this site to get the word out over their business practices.  They have been sued due to not paying their employes properly before (BARBARO R. DAVILA v. AWARE DIGITAL, INC.), and do not honor contracts they enter into (see the filings in that case).

I was hired as a network architect by them, and like much they do, it was under false pretenses.  I found this was not a company that had a working network, nor a company that wanted one.  Their entire network consisted of a single Juniper M7i which was not supported or running current code, and stub sites on low end netscreen firewalls.  This was sold to customers as a reliable and trusted solution.

Access to their CoLo rack was spotty at best, as they never paid their colo bills and would be on access restriction most of the time.  Due to their relationship with the security personal at the facility (NAP) they would eventually get access, but it was a process each time.  This was thought of as normal and “not a big deal” by their staff.

They have an administrative person (Sue Spehar)  that does payroll, and she required documentation of hours worked (I was a salaried and exempt). They expected a 9-6 work schedule, with no over time.  Sorry to break it to them, but people work 9-5, not 9-6.

Josh Mann is the CEO/founder of the company and lacks management skills in addition to morals.  This was evident in the way they did business as a company.  During my first week on the job, they had screaming matches with two employees whom Josh fired.  They lost access to their routers due to an employee that was fired removing access controls from the configurations.  These are signs of a sick company, I’ve never seen anything like this in my professional life.

On the afternoon I decided to leave I was cussed out by my manager, Adan Canuelas, due to me leaving at 4:50 pm as no one was in the office.  I decided to resign that day, as it was clear this was not a professional setting or a position that would advance my career.